The OptimaHR Way

The potential of a company is only as strong as its people.

About OptimaHR

We Create Leaders

OptimaHR’s mission is to create leaders: leaders in skills, leaders in performance, leaders in collaboration. We will work with all people at all levels of an organization. Empowering employees cultivates true leadership.

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Our Core Values

We’re people who believe in people. We’re flexible. We value integrity and progressive thought, while always being focused on sustainable growth. We work alongside you to help your team work better with each other.

Our Commitment

OptimaHR is committed to helping small to medium (and sometimes large) companies foster the success of their people. People have an intrinsic need to be taken care of in the workplace, both directly and indirectly. Creating workplace environments where people are valued and empowered, with inclusivity and diversity being at the top of mind, we’ll help your company meet its potential. Investing in and developing skills in people will result in happiness and loyalty — both of which always show a return on investment.

Meet Dee


Dee has spent her entire life managing people and has always had roots firmly planted in the world of business. She pursued higher education to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of her craft. With over 15 years of experience in the Human Resources field, Dee has spent most of her career in the tech industry, where she discovered her passion for combining people with operational processes.

Dee is deeply committed to creating solutions alongside people, rather than just for them. She continually seeks opportunities to help and guide others through skill development, firmly believing in the importance of empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Whether it be a business owner or an employee looking to evolve, Dee’s ultimate passion and driving force behind her career in HR is to be an integral part of their journey towards growth and success.